Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The quandry of construction...

I hape spoken with alot of managers of other construction companies about their staffing now that we "are coming out of the recession". From what I understand, they are having a hard time getting employee to do heavy construction due to three things:
1) Alot of heavy construction is related to government buildings or facilitiesright now
2) When building government projects, contractors are required to enroll in E-Verify
3) Government projects require that workers complete a background check for crimes

The first two I am OK with, but the third seems strange. If a potential worker has a criminal background, they are not permitted to work on these projects? Who do you think makes up a great part of the construction industry? And I don't mean the Supervision or the higher-ups, I mean the guys actually doing the hard work. When these guys get out of jail, they do not expect to be hired on as a President of a company, and a lot wouldn't have that kind of education anyway. They just really want a job, and in most cases are required to have one. Wouldn't it be better to employ these folks, remember the saying about idle hands??

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  1. Chris, it's because people's background will determine their work habits and points of view. However, you have a point that there should never be any discrimination. We should not judge these people on what they did in the past. You know, everybody can change for the better. :)

    Jesse Mcgraw