Monday, August 23, 2010

Rx for Recordable Claims

Over the years it has always been understood that the dispensing of a Rx medication for a work related injury results in a recordable incident. Or is it?

Recently, I read in a National Safety Council book that if a one time dose of Rx meds to ease pain or discomfort is given, it is not recordable. So which is it? I spoke with an OSHA Compliance Assistance Officer about this and his stance was that "If I felt it should be recordable, then record it". OSHA 300 and 300A logs are typically used for trending. While this is true, recording claims on a feeling opens a lot of issues.

Suppose I "feel" a claim or 10 claims are recordable, what does it do to the company Incident Rate and DART rate?


  1. OSHA is very efficient to providing the laws of construction safety services for industries.

    1. apparently not all construction firms follow these rules but to the defense of the government, they've been vocal and firm about these rules and imposing penalties for those who are caught without trainings and certifications.